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Time, talent, energy: overcome organizational drag and unleash your team’s productive power by Michael Mankins and Eric Garton

Overview: Business leaders know that the key to competitive success is smart management of scarce resources. That’s why companies allocate their financial capital so carefully. But capital today is cheap and abundant, no longer a source of advantage. The truly scarce resources now are the time, the talent, and the energy of the people in …
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Retooling HR: using proven business tools to make better decisions about talent by John W. Boudreau (Harvard Business Press, 2010)

Based on Synopsis from the Publisher  HR professionals have made major strides toward becoming strategic partners. But they need to do more – by generating value through savvy decisions about talent. HR leaders typically assume that, to make such decisions, they must develop sophisticated analytical tools from scratch. Even then, the resulting tools often fail …
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Determining Factors of the CEO’s Reputation: A Sectorial Analysis of the Leading Spanish Businesses

IESE researcher Lourdes Susaeta, Prof. José Ramón Pin and research assistant María Jesús Belizón surveyed 234 chief executives from the 1,000 highest-grossing businesses operating in Spain. Their objective was to discover, through the top executives’ own perceptions, which factors influence reputation and to what degree, while drawing distinctions between the various sectors analyzed.The results cite …
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