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Latin American Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2010 awarded in Cartagena, Colombia

Six people were recognized as Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 in Latin America during the presidents’ plenary session of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, held in Cartagena, Colombia, on 8 April. The Brazilians Suzana and Claudio Padua, founders of the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas, were already former holders of the title. The …
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“All Entrepreneurship is Social” by Carl Schramm

The spring issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review contains an interesting article about the contribution of entrepreneurship to society, entitled “All Entrepreneurship is Social.” The article’s author, Carl Schramm, points out that over the past decade the term social entrepreneur has become a fashionable way of describing individuals and organizations that, in their attempts …
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