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Guidelines for City Mobility: Steering towards Collaboration

How people and goods get around our cities is undergoing considerable change. As new mobility options are introduced, cities and communities are trying to lower emissions, improve safety and increase affordability and accessibility of transport networks. Cities, mobility partners, and communities are taking a systems perspective to rethink the movement of people and goods. Developed …
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The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem

Growing demand for e-commerce delivery will result in 36% more delivery vehicles in inner cities by 2030, leading to a rise in both emissions and traffic congestion without effective intervention. Without effective intervention, urban last-mile delivery emissions and traffic congestion are on track to increase by over 30% in the top 100 cities globally. The …
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The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018

The World Bank has just has released the third volume on wealth accounting: “The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018: Building a Sustainable Future”. National income is underpinned by a country’s wealth–measured comprehensively to include all assets, produced capital, human capital, natural capital and net financial assets–and sustained economic growth over the long term requires investment …
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