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Committed teams: three steps to inspiring passion and performance by Mario Moussa, Madeline Boyer, and Derek Newberry

Build high-performing teams with an evidence-based framework that delivers results Committed is a practical handbook for building great teams. Based on research from Wharton’s Executive Development Program (EDP), this concise guide identifies the common challenges that arise when people work together as a group and provides key guidance on breaking through the barriers to peak …
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Leaders eat last: why some teams pull together and others don’t by Simon Sinek.

Overview: The highly anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed bestseller Start With Why Simon Sinek’s mission is to help people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home every night fulfilled by their work. His first book, Start With Why, offered the essential starting point, explaining the power of focusing on WHY …
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Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results by Morten T. Hansen. ISBN: 9781422115152

Synopsis In Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results, author Morten Hansen takes aim at what many leaders inherently know: in today’s competitive environment, companywide collaboration is an imperative for successful strategy execution, yet the sought-after synergies are rarely, if ever, realized. In fact, most cross-unit collaborative efforts end up …
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