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Policy Pathways for the New Economy

The World Economic Forum has just published Policy Pathways for the New Economy. Unfolding technological developments pose a significant challenge in terms of the depth of economic and social transformation needed for their benefits to be fully realized and equitably distributed. Questions are emerging regarding the adequacy of our current economic policies and practices, the …
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The Cybersecurity Guide for Leaders in Today’s Digital World

Cyberattacks are one of the top 10 global risks of highest concern in the next decade, with an estimated price tag of $90 trillion if cybersecurity efforts do not keep pace with technological change. While there is abundant guidance in the cybersecurity community, the application of prescribed action continues to fall short of what is …
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Ética e Inteligencia Artificial

Artificial intelligence (AI), and all applications and services based on this emerging technology, have received considerable attention from the scientific and business community in recent years. However, the development of this technology has also elicited a great deal of concern about the risks that the use of some of these applications may entail. This study …
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Innovation Support in the Enterprise Sector: Industry and SMEs

This OECD policy paper outlines major policy trends in public support of innovation activities in industry and SMEs across OECD countries. It discusses the policy mix to strengthen business R&D and innovation, and possible avenues to improve this mix in response to evolving needs, driven new trends in technology and other factors. Across the OECD, …
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The Future of Work in South Africa: Digitisation, Productivity and Job Creation

Digitisation and automation could result in a net gain of up to 1.2 million jobs in South Africa by 2030. But if companies don’t act swiftly to take advantage of the opportunities these technologies present to drive innovation and growth, the country will suffer. The report is available from the McKinsey website

Incentivizing Responsible and Secure Innovation Principles and Guidance for Investors

The World Economic Forum has recently published the report “Incentivizing Responsible and Secure Innovation Principles and Guidance for Investors.” This report proposes an innovative focus on cybersecurity incentives for the investment community. Investors in innovation and technology-driven companies have a responsibility to ensure that cybersecurity is given priority in the early stages of product development. …
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Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2019

The World Economic Forum has just published the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2019. The technologies on the list, which is curated by members of the Forum’s Expert Network, are selected against a number of criteria. In addition to promising major benefits to societies and economies, they must also be disruptive, attractive to investors and researchers, …
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Data Science in the New Economy

The World Economic Forum has just published Data Science in the New Economy: A new race for talent in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, led by advances in technologies such as data science and artificial intelligence, the labour market is again changing in a fundamental fashion. In 2018 the Future …
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