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Library Newsletter: Think Tanks

In crisis times, demand for expert knowledge rises. To help meet that demand think tanks have emerged as laboratories of ideas that can help us better understand today’s realities and more easily imagine tomorrow’s world. Originally conceived as “universities without teaching”, they have gradually evolved to become anything form quasi-academic institutions to politically engaged organizations. …
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Are Think Tanks Transparent?

Transparify has just published the results of a survey of 169 think tanks in 47 countries worldwide. Its aim is to provide think tanks committed to intellectual independence and excellence in research with a tool for signaling to policy makers, the media and the public that they deserve their trust and respect. Out of the …
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The 2013 Global Think Tank Index

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania has just released its seventh annual “2013 Global Tanks Index.” The index is designed to help identify and recognize the leading centres of excellence in public policy research around the world. The Brookings Institution ranked top of the Global Think Tank list …
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