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Travel and Logistics: Data Drives the Race for Customers

The report analyzes data from 15 European countries to better understand emerging travel industry technology and customer needs in the travel and logistics sectors. What can companies in this space do to respond to shifts and sharpen their digitization strategies? The report is available from the McKinsey website.

Electric vehicles in Europe

This report provides a non-technical summary of the latest information on electric road vehicles in Europe, including those with hybrid technologies. It focuses upon electric passenger vehicles, explaining the different types that are now available on the market, how each type works, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Click here to read the report in …
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Cities of opportunity 2016

This PWC study analyzes the situation of 30 cities, evaluating aspects like their capacity to take advantage of the new technologies, health services, transport, easiness to do business, costs, etc. London, Singapore and Toronto lead the ranking. The only Spanish city in the list, Madrid, is in the 16th place. You can read the report …
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EU Transport Scoreboard

The European Commission has just published the “EU Transport Scoreboard 2015”, which compares how Member States perform in 29 transport categories. The objective of the Scoreboard is to help Member States to identify areas requiring priority investments and actions, in order to create a Single European Transport Area with high standards, notably in terms of …
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Sector Overview and Competitiveness Survey of the Railway Supply Industry

Railways play an essential part in transport provision in Europe. Millions of people use a train, tram or metro as a means of (daily) transport. The rail sector is a major provider of jobs and economic growth in Europe. The wide range of economic activities are tied to the overall rail sector and are provided …
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Re-Powering Transport 2011

The World Economic Forum has just published the report “Re-Powering Transport 2011”. The study shows that global transportation and fossil fuels are inextricably linked. More than 60 percent of the 87 million barrels of oil consumed daily goes to powering the world’s transportation systems. Even more significantly, liquid fossil fuels account for more than 96 …
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Informe ePyme 2010

A new study published in Spain provides a clear and detailed picture of how small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are using IT technologies, as well as the technological needs required by their production processes. The study – co-published by the Spanish-based Foundation for Info-technological Development of Companies and Society (FUNDETEC) and the Directorate General of …
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