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Going Universal

The World Bank Group has just published “Going Universal: How 24 countries are implementing universal health coverage reforms from the bottom up.” The study looks at how 24 developing countries have embarked on the long journey to universal health coverage, with a focus on expanding coverage to the poor. According to the WHO and the …
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Where are laws equal for women and men?

The World Bank Group publishes a biannual report that compares gender-based legal differences in 143 economies. This year’s edition, titled “Women, Business and the Law 2014: Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality” analyzes laws that affect women entrepreneurs and employees globally, highlighting reforms carried out over the past two years and, for the first time, …
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Africa Competitiveness Report 2013

World Economic Forum, has just published “The Africa Competitiveness Report”. The study highlights areas requiring policy action and investment to ensure Africa lays the foundation for inclusive and sustained growth. Under the theme “Connecting Africa’s Markets in a Sustainable Way”, the report explores how Africa can connect its markets and communities through increased regional integration …
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