Nuria Chinchilla has a PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Navarra, a law degree from the University of Barcelona, an MBA and a PhD from IESE Business School. She studied at Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Management. She started her career as a Professor at IESE in 1984. She is a consultant to a wide range of companies and a member on the boards of various organizations. She is a member of Top Ten Management in Spain, as well as many other professional associations and academies, including being a member of the Awards Panel for the Fundació Bufí y Plana and Barcelona Empresa Innovadora; on the Board of Directors of Rural Family Schools of Catalonia, on the Awards Panel for the Fundación Privada Mª Teresa Rodó, the VIP Advisory Board of the EPWN European Professional Women’s Network, and of Women International Networking (WIN) of Womenalia. She is also a member of CEDE (Association of Spanish Directors), APDO (Spanish Association of Professionals in Organizational Development), EWMD (European Network for Women in Management Development), AEDIPE (Spanish Association of Personnel Directors), founder and President of the IESE Women’s Lobby and Academic Mentor to the Women in Business Club at IESE.

She is also on the following boards and committees: UN, Council of Experts for the Generalitat de Catalunya (2004), Business Digest Scientific Committee, Honorary Committee Manager Business Forum in Spain, Editorial Board of “Nueva Empresa” magazine, Editorial Board of Ariel Empresa; the Economic and Social Council of the International University of Cataluña (UIC), The Board of Catalan EFAS, the Board of IWF Spain, the Advisory Board of the Fundación + Familia, the Advisory Board of the social and political studies magazine “Dialegs”, the Advisory Board of the Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León (ACSUCYL), the Editorial Board of the magazine “Executive Excellence” (5 Días), the Advisory Board of AED Catalonia, Honorary Sponsorship Committee Member of “The Family Watch”, Honorary Member of “Fundación Independiente”, member of the Advisory Board of the Government of the Generalitat for the Reforma Horaria, member of the Advisory Board of “fem.talent”, a member of the National Commission for the Rationalization of the Spanish timetable, and founding member of ARHOE (The Association for the Rationalization of Spanish schedules), as well as the Observatory of the Flexible Company.

Doctor Chinchilla advises regional and state governments all over the world. Some of her publications are: “Guide of Good Practices for the Flexible Company” (2004-2007, 2009), and the “Guide for Equal Opportunities for men and women in companies” (2005 and 2007). Distinguished expert on Work Life Balance for the United Nations.

She is driving force of the feminine leadership in companies and society. Pioneering in promoting networking between women through different events such as MDir in Madrid, Women’s lobby in Barcelona (both of them, monthly), she has participated in numerous national and international events. Nuria is Member of the GBRW (Global Board Ready Women).

She serves as Academic Director of different programs at IESE focused on women, such as: Women in Advisory Boards, Women and leadership, and Alumnae Breakfasts “Women in Power”. The areas she specializes in are work-life balance, coaching, professional careers, time management, interpersonal conflicts, organizational change and development, executive committees, and competencies.

Spanish candidate to the CEDAW, UN 2012. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, she has been recognized as one of the “100 Spanish women of the 21st century”. She has received many awards including: the FEDEPE prize for Woman Manager of the year in 2001, and the AEDIPE Prize to the best article about work-life balance policies. She was named “Most Valuable Speaker 2007” from the Interban Network, the Women Manager award in the category of Work-Life Balance in 2008 from the magazine “Estrategia Directiva”, the ALMUR and ASEM Gold Award from the Women’s Company Association for her continuing work to support Work-Life balance, as well as the “Fundación Alares” award to her outstanding professional, research and educational trajectory. In 2011 the IESE Alumni Association in Chile recognized her as “Valuable Professor”. In 2014, the organization W.I.N. Conference, awards her with the “Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award” for her outstanding contribution to inspiring women worldwide.

In 2008 Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer from Stanford University wrote a study case about her that is given in his course “Power & Influence” and in many other Business Schools: Nuria Chinchilla: The Power to Change Workplaces

Her biography appears in the book “Celebrities of Catalonia 2010”.

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