Facebook Act IV: Deep integration with Apple. Frenemies redefined

Today’s announcement at Apple’s WWDC needs some careful analysis, which I will do in a videopost soon. Today, just a quick note to drive your attention to this extremely interesting piece of news. Facebook and Apple, with deep integration. Apple gets a space in the world of Social Networks and Facebook a front seat in the world of Mobile. And all of this on top comes with voice integration and a completely new 3D rendered maps, rebuild in Apple style, on their own, from scratch. Autch for Google maps, although we will see if people will actually switch the rich content to this new virtual world.

In any case, this is convergence in action. For me, a clear win win for both Apple and Facebook. The two “closed” ecosystems showing how collaboration can work. While the “open” Google sits outside alone. That’s tough. We’ll have to see how the story evolves, it definitely keeps the landscape moving! What do you think?

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Sandra Sieber is a Professor of the IS Department at IESE Business School in Barcelona. Her studies center around the impact of new technologies on organizations and business models.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Act IV: Deep integration with Apple. Frenemies redefined

  1. Can’t wait to see this merge by two giant companies. I guess Android will be left behind with this partnership. Google Maps will get obsolete once 3D maps is available in the next version of Apple’s iOS.

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