Microsoft Re-Enters The Mobile OS Game

After over two years of development, Microsoft is wiping the slate clean and introducing a new mobile Windows operating system. Microsoft has been a player in the mobile OS market for some time, but they have been getting behind in the market with their traditional mobile OS, which is largely based on their desktop Windows […]

Java – A Speed Bump for Android?

Right as Android is taking one of the dominant roles in the smartphone market, Oracle (which acquired Java owner Sun recently for over $5 billion) is suing Google over the use of Java code in its Android mobile OS. Android has recently edged past the iPhone in market-share, and it has the 3rd largest share […]

Microsoft Office Web Apps vs. Google Apps

= Free?! In the last few years, Google has has taken the front-running position in the online productivity application market. Until recently, they did not have a large competitor in the area. However, Microsoft recently released their new web apps software suite. As with Google, Microsoft is giving the basic version of this software suite […]

Monetizing Micro-Blogging

= $$$ ? The use of Micro-Bogging tools (particularly Twitter) has taken off over the past year. Twitter is now hosting over 7 million unique users every month, which is a more than 1000 percent increase from a year ago. This high level of user growth has been accompanied by a skyrocketing company valuation, which […]