The next big online trend: location-based social networks?

Recently, a lot of hype has surrounded mobile focused services known as online location-based social networks (SNs) (i.e.,,,, and Google latitude). These are largely mobile internet-based apps that let you track and share location-based information with a network of contacts (or with the general user base). This information can include recommendations (i.e. for activities or restaurants), […]

Google and China, A Bad Fit?

In a previous post on this blog, Josep wrote about how China seems to be loosening its tight control over the accessibility of internet content in that country. However, with recent developments with Google in China, the direction of these changes may be in question. After a tough year, where Google internet services were down […]

The Business of Shortening URLs

Google recently rolled out a service called, which will compete with the current leading web address shortening system, The use of web address shortening systems has skyrocketed as the use of micro-blogging sites, such as Twitter, has also rapidly increased. Micro-blogging sites limit the number of characters that can be posted in a […]


The Hardware Battle in the Clouds

As is evident from a recent article in The Economist (as well as several of the past posts on this blog), cloud computing is becoming very prominent in the information technology world. Companies are scrambling to provide new cloud-based services, and people are doing more tasks in the cloud as more cloud systems become available. However, […]