Will Robots Put Us All Out of Work?

Transcription Recently, we have been doing a number of articles claiming that the advent of robotics and mechanisation of a number of jobs are going to displace a lot of labour, creating huge unemployment. I believe that this is not new. We have been having industrial revolutions for a long time. At the beginning of […]

Microsoft: It’s Time for a Turnaround

A leader must lead by example and see that everything is done right and what Microsoft needs is a leader with vision, says IESE Professor Josep Valor. Microsoft needs someone who can shift the company’s emphasis away from being so technology-oriented, someone who understands what users want and has grasped the implications of the Cloud […]


Facebook’s Home Front

While many people thought Facebook would launch its own phone, rather than get into the hardware business it launched the Facebook Home app for Android phones, says Prof. Josep Valor. This allows you do to anything from the phone interface even when the phone is asleep, giving Facebook valuable information that will allow it to […]


2013: IT’s Convergence Year

Companies that want to succeed in 2013 will have to learn how to manage four key pillars of IT in an integrated manner, effectively bringing together cloud, mobility, social media and big data. IESE’s Josep Valor predicts we will see more integrators than hardware manufacturers, because people are looking for complete not partial solutions.