Facebook Opts for WhatsApp Group Therapy

Trascription 19 billion dollars seems like an insane amount of money to pay for a little startup company with less than 50 employees. That’s exactly what Facebook has decided to put on the table to acquire WhatsApp. So what’s behind that? When you look at it first and you see 19 billion and you look […]

NSA’s Indiscriminate Spying Crosses the Line

The NSA spying scandal has brought to light the dark side of big data now that personal information can be accessed and processed in such enormous quantities. IESE Professor Sandra Sieber says that, while there are legitimate arguments on both the security and privacy sides of the debate, the real issue is one of transparency. […]


Three Steps Towards Developing a Digital Mindset

Companies need to rethink their strategies to include a digital component, says IESE Prof. Sandra Sieber. This means they need to develop a digital mindset but it also calls for leaders who are capable of adapting to the situation depending on the evolution of the business model. To do this they need supportive structures and […]