Barcelona Makes the Connection

Operators in the mobile industry have to look on the demand side, know where their customers are and create platforms that will give them a global reach, speakers said at the conference “Mobile Industry: A Trigger in the World Economy.” The mayor of Barcelona announced that the city aims to set an industry standard as […]


Are You Ready for Corporate Social Networks?

Facebook is too open for corporate social networks but companies are buying into new networks in readiness for social networks becoming part of their product roster. The time has come for leaders to think how they want to connect employees with their boss, their team and their peers. IESE Professor Sandra Sieber discusses the main […]


Looking Ahead to 2013

The coming year is going to determine what we are going to see in the teens of this century, says Prof. Ghemawat from Brazil. Meanwhile in Madrid, Prof. González-Páramo urges Europe and US to be part of the solution, not the problem. From New York, Prof. Sandra Sieber asks executives to think about how they […]


The Big 4 and HTML5

HTML5 promises a broader-based economy and while Google, which depends on advertising, wants it as open as possible, it is a different story for Apple which makes its money from apps. Facebook went to HTML too early and is now playing it safe while Amazon has cleverly built a closed eco-system on top of the […]