Mobile World Congress :: Redefining Mobile in Barcelona?

In 2006, Barcelona held for the first time the Mobile Congress. At that edition the CEOs from VODAFONE, TELEFÓNICA, MOTOROLA, NOKIA and MICROSOFT were the keynote speakers. Those companies reflected to some extent the mobile industry value chain in 2006, accounting for an aggregated market value capitalization of more than $600B. Only six years later, […]


“Half-Life” for “Midlife Crisis”

Tudor Muşatescu, a Romanian playwright, once wrote, “The glory is not ephemeral. Ephemeral are only those that have it.” Is IBM the exception that proves the rule? As a matter of fact, Big Blue turned 100 this month, and according to its financial records in a pretty good shape. For instance, IBM’s market value passed […]

Google Music Service? Not yet, but soon.

It appears that Google has all but finished its version of a music service to be bundled with then new version of the Android OS. According to CNET, am applications developer installed a version of the Honeycomb version of Android and accidentally discovered the Google Music service in it. According to other reports, Google is […]