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Franklin E. Folts

Harvard Business School


“(…) Through leadership and selective research, established universities can make the impact of modernity on management’s increasing time burden more tolerable. In the entire western world there are three universities that are outstanding in their direct contribution to the active business community: University of Western Ontario in Canada, The University of Navarra in Spain, and Harvard in the U.S. The business programs in these three universities support research that starts with the establishment of a sound clinical base and culminates at the final stage of administrative usefulness.”*

* Extracted from his acceptance speech after receiving the Honorary Doctorate from the University of Western Ontario.

Ralph M. Hower

Harvard Business School and Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Navarra (1967)


“I want to record my enthusiastic support for the two-year program that IESE will start in 1964. (…) Looking at IESE in comparison with other efforts, my own opinion is that the institute within its relatively short life has achieved truly remarkable results, comparable to the best anywhere overseas and far ahead of most. You have assembled within six years a faculty of very high quality, one which already combines experience in teaching and research with practical experience in industry. Moreover, we have been greatly impressed with what you and your associates have achieved in attracting and training executives.”

* Extracted from a letter sent 4-12-1963 to IESE’s Dean Antonio Valero, after the committee’s first meeting.

Carlos Cavallé

Former Dean and First Director of the MBA Program, IESE Business School


“Thanks to the committee, IESE has been able to take giant steps, such as initiating the English section of the full-time MBA in the 1980s; the expansion of IESE-supported schools in Central and South America; the establishment of the chapters of the Alumni Association, which are now the strongest in the world; the creation of the International Advisory Board; the launch of executive education international programs and the establishment of academic chairs and research centers. One way or another, the committee has had a lot to do with this.”


John McArthur

Former Dean, Harvard Business School and Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Navarra


“Allow me to return to my original topic: ideals.  At IESE, more so than in the majority of business schools, there is a passion for certain fundamental values.  Among these are intellectual honesty, respect for the human spirit, integrity in relationships with others, self-discipline, loyalty, honor, the ability to love and to commit, and the disposition to help and lead people.  There is so much effort personified in the notion of ‘decency,’ not only in business, but also in all relations and activities.

There is a conviction within their university that those whose destiny it is to lead others should have a broad awareness of history, culture and esthetics.  Together these are indeed the attributes and values that should guide our socially and morally conscious leaders, leaders who, with wisdom and effectiveness can promote operational efforts in order to build human organizations.”*

* Extracted from Dr. McArthur’s acceptance speech upon receipt of the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Navarra, granted by Álvaro del Portillo, Chancellor of the University of Navarra, on 7-21-1987.