Our Lines of Action

IESE decided to create The IESE Africa Initiative in September 2009 in order to enhance the commitment of the school to the education of the next generation of African business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Leveraging our history of more than 20 years on the continent, the mandate of The Africa Initiative is to be proactive in 4 different fields:

1. Support to Associated Business Schools (Schools @Africa)

We currently coordinate joint efforts, collaborate in their programs and help with general organizational details with our 4 associated schools on the continent: Lagos Business School, Strathmore Business School, Angola School of Management and MDE Business School.

Our Associated Business Schools are a valuable source of expertise and local knowledge on how to do business on the continent. Do not hesitate to contact them directly or if you need advice, contact us and we can refer you to the appropriate people at each school.

2. Development of academic content and programs (Academic and Research @Africa)

Stimulating academic activities such as program design, case writing, teaching, research and faculty development.

Some highlights of programs and events developed can be found here. Recently developed research and cases can also be found here.

3. Relationships with managers and companies (Management Impact @Africa) 

Establishing a network of managers and helping to organize events showcasing to the world that Africa has indeed become a growth opportunity that should feature in their strategies.

We want to develop an active network of what we call “Africanist Managers,” that is, managers with interest and/or experience on the continent. We want to leverage our extensive IESE Alumni network, but of course the Initiative is open to anyone, both from Africa and beyond.

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4. Social impact (Social Impact @Africa)

Contributing to different NGOs by developing fund-raising campaigns.

At IESE we are convinced that we can help these countries through the education of responsible managers and entrepreneurs, contributing to build or improve African companies and giving people opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to collaborate with us.