12 Resolutions for This Year

12 Resolutions for This Year

Make 2017 the year when you finally grapple with the things that are holding you back personally or professionally / Photo: iStock | Weedezign

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and yet here we are in February. It’s always the way though. The day-to-day eats up our time and energy, leaving nothing left to address those goals we’ve set.

So why not do something about it today? Prioritize the actions, self-development, the programs and events that will help you break the routine – and broaden your perspective, network and horizons in the process.

Here are 12 new year proposals to start you off as you make your resolutions for 2017.


Go trend-spotting
Take a look at the IESE Industry Meetings calendar and prepare to find out where and how your market is evolving. Hear the opinions of foremost international experts and get the inside track on what market-leaders in your sector have planned. Find out if yours is among the 7 sectors to watch in 2017.


Maximize the mix
In a simple top-down hierarchy you automatically know who’s who. But as organizations become more complex, do you know what you need to make the matrix work for your leadership and your business? Learn how to leverage differing cultural, administrative, geographic and economic perspectives to gain a competitive edge and make the matrix work.


Lose the fear. Make your voice public
Do you tense up when you have to speak in public? And even if you get over the stage fright, does your speech still fail to hit the mark? Is your command of English holding you back? Maybe the time has come to build your communication skills and make them work to your advantage.


Make it a team sport
Building teams isn’t easy. Bringing together diverse members from different backgrounds and aligning them around common goals is one of the greatest management challenges. So build the understanding, insight, tools and mind-set to make your team key to your company’s growth.


Level up your leadership
Competitive advantage hinges on optimizing your talent. And that means optimizing your leadership. Dedicate some time to improving your self-management, re-thinking how to inspire and mobilize others and leading positive change.


Surf the uncertain
There’s never been greater volatility in our global economy. And if it falls to you to future-proof your organization against change, it’s time to build the tools, capacities and the frameworks to ensure you are nimble enough to adapt to change.


Brace for the Robot Revolution
Do you wonder what the future of manufacturing will look like? With digitalization and automation becoming the watchwords for success, isn’t it time you got fully immersed in the general management implications of Industry 4.0?


Read a little more
Catch up on your reading this summer, and be sure to include a novel or two in your list. According to IESE Insight Review, the most successful managers are those who make time for fiction. Interested? Find out why this is.


Back to school?
September is back to school, college and university in many parts of the world. Why not make it part of your agenda too? Take a look at our #1 ranked Executive Education portfolio, and precision-match the program that best meets your leadership development and networking needs.


Make it work
Whatever it is. One of the biggest challenges facing business leaders is implementing strategically effectively. Step back, re-think and explore the mysteries behind successful execution of your business objectives this month. And get ready to really make it work.


Put the customer first
What do all market-leading companies have in common? Yes, it’s that focus on the consumer that differentiates the major players and drives competitive advantage. But putting the customer first isn’t just about applying what you know. It’s also about discovering what you don’t know.


End the year with a change of chip
Digital or bust. That’s the maxim you need to keep front of mind. But are you prepared to lead the digital transformation in your company, and navigate our hyper-connected future?


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