How Can Executive Coaching Benefit You?

If you think executive coaching is a resource only for high-achieving executives in crisis, think again. While coaching can be valuable in emergency situations, its usefulness goes far beyond that. Executive coaching is a dialogue-based tool that improves professional performance and wellbeing, tackling issues such as resilience, empathy, motivation, leadership, difficult relationships, decision-making and fulfillment. In short, it helps you to become a better professional, in the broadest sense. That in turn helps you to become a more effective leader – better… Read More

Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Company?

Is your company designed like a car with a large dashboard and small windows? Many companies are: focused on internal operations and efficiency, their views of the outside world are limited. But while that may have worked very well in the past, it likely won’t be enough in the future. “We have organizations that are like cars. They have huge dashboards but they have very tiny windows,” says professor Antonio Dávila. “Why is that? It’s because for the last 100 years, the… Read More

Secrets to Successful Digitalization

Wherever your company may have been on the journey toward digitalization earlier this year, chances are that COVID-19 has given it an unexpected and accelerated push down the digital path. With many parts of the world lifting restrictions on movement, companies are now in a position to craft digitalization strategies for the long term, incorporating everything that has been learned during confinement. Professors Javier Zamora and Joan Enric Ricart have studied hundreds of companies with successful digitalization strategies. Their IESE-Penteo Study on… Read More

What Does the Job Market Look Like for Executives?

No one would deny that it’s an unsettled – and unsettling — job market. But is it an impossible job market? How is the COVID-19 economic downturn affecting executive hiring? Are any companies recruiting, and, if so, what skills are they looking for? A recent panel of executive search experts, moderated by Dolores Sarrión, an executive coach at IESE in Madrid, offered their take on what they’re seeing among their clients. Here, some of their conclusions: It’s not all doom and gloom…. Read More

Why Now’s the Time to Invest in AI

Amid all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, it might seem like a good time to shelve plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into your business model. But that would likely be a mistake. In many ways, now’s the best time to begin understanding the potential of AI in your company and to start investing – even if it’s in relatively modest amounts. Professor Sampsa Samila coordinates research and teaching at IESE on AI and the future of management. In… Read More

You’re Back at Work. Now What?

The COVID-19 pandemic is entering a new phase with the easing of lockdowns and the gradual return to work. But just as most of us as individuals are discovering that the world feels very different when we venture outside, companies are seeing that restarting their activities also means rethinking their businesses. That can be bewildering, but professor Joan Fontrodona and Philip Muller offer these five steps for businesses to take on their return: Reach out to your stakeholders. Start with your employees,… Read More

Will Tourism Ever Recover from the Coronavirus?

While the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked economic havoc across nearly every sector and country on earth, tourism stands out as particularly vulnerable. “The pandemic’s impact on tourism has been and will continue to be brutal,” IESE professor Philip Moscoso said in the recent online session Perspectivas del sector turístico: Claves para la reconstrucción y nuevas tendencias with Jordi Mestre, head of Selenta Hospitality Group, and Raúl González, CEO of Barceló Hotel Group. With 10 years of continuous growth ground to a halt and 100… Read More

Planning an Orderly Return to Work

With governments around the world easing COVID-19 restrictions on movement, companies are tentatively preparing to return to work. But planning that return isn’t easy. There are enormous questions about how COVID-19 will evolve in the coming months. Governments are still defining the policies under which businesses can allow their employees back in the office, and all decisions are contingent on the data. It’s a bit like planning for a trip without knowing exactly where you’re going, when you leave, or how long… Read More

Preparing Your Strategy for When the Storm Ends

COVID-19 is testing the leadership of executives across the globe, who are scrambling to limit the damage caused by the sudden drop in revenue and operations; to reorganize their teams in confinement; and to ensure that the operational nerve center of the company continues to function. For professor Miquel Lladó, this is a time when true leaders will be measured by their ability to breathe energy into their teams, to manage their feelings and to respond under pressure. But while these are… Read More

Managing Supply Chains and Operations During Crises

Toilet paper rarely makes headlines. But perhaps no other commercial product save hand sanitizer has become as emblematic of the global anxieties caused by the coronavirus pandemic as toilet paper – or the lack thereof. Unlike hand sanitizer, however, most experts agree that the rush to hoard toilet paper stems from an illogical anxiety, one planted in the notion that the supply chain will suddenly break: that manufacturers will abruptly stop producing toilet paper and that supermarkets will be unable to stock… Read More