The Power of Purpose-Driven Brands

Before the arrival of the internet, millennials and Simon Sinek urging us to “start with the why”, marketing strategists were more concerned with communicating an offering’s features (What does your product or service do? What need does it fulfill?) and its positioning (How is it different/better than the competition?) than the corporate values that support it. Since then, millennials came of age and began questioning traditional profit-based business models. More socially aware than previous generations, they want their work to drive positive… Read More

Do I Have a Story for You! The Art of Communicating

Once upon a time … who doesn’t like a good story? Short stories, novels, plays or good movies all have the power to captivate us and pull us in. Why? Because when told well, they intrigue and inspire, bidding us to learn more about the characters, locations, context and most importantly, the outcome. A well-told story also invites us to reflect on its messages, motivations and underlying moral. It’s the enchanting allure of narrative, also known as the art of storytelling. Telling… Read More