How Corporate Boards Are Changing

Corporate governance is defined as “frameworks of rules and practices by which a board of directors ensures accountability, fairness, and transparency in a company’s relationship with all its stakeholders.” Though responsible for transparency, for many people corporate boards seem far-removed, invoking images of smartly attired executives, mahogany tables, sleek boardrooms and city skylines. Unfortunately, when corporate boards fail, the fallout can hit close to home – as any former employee of Enron or shareholder in VW, Wells Fargo or Facebook can attest… Read More

Trust: The Human Force that Binds You to Success

What do you need to delegate with confidence? Trust. No more, no less. Mutual trust transforms impersonal interactions to a place where everyone feels fully invested in shared goals and strategy. And yet it’s easy to overlook the importance of cultivating trust across the organization. The “Economic Value” of Trust Without trust there are some basic things that as humans we could not do – like leaving a child at school. Or eating a meal cooked by someone else in a restaurant…. Read More