The Search for Talent: Are You Sure You Know Who You’re Looking For?

In the olden days – think 10 years ago! – the search for talent was a straightforward affair. Not anymore! In the wake of the economic recovery and demographic shifts, companies in many global markets have gone from posting ads and passively waiting for résumés to struggling to fill job vacancies. The competition to attract and retain talent is especially steep in sectors like IT, engineering and health care, sometimes leading to a backlog of open positions. The talent-deficit challenge is especially… Read More

Mastering the Matrix

“When implemented well, the ‘matrix organization’ does offer much of the best of both worlds. And all of us are going to have to learn how to utilize organization to prepare managers to increasingly deal with high levels of complexity and ambiguity in situations where they have to get results from people and components not under their direct control…” These lines seem perfectly timely in today’s environment of volatility, uncertainty and flux, yet they actually appeared in General Electric’s Organization Planning Bulletin – back in… Read More

5 Reasons to Bolster Your International Profile

In a globalized world, a manager with an international profile brings much to the table. It is more and more difficult to find companies whose operations, sales and even clients are only local. This is why companies, and not only multinationals, are increasingly interested in finding employees with international experience. Some do it as a token gesture to reflect the growing ethnic diversity in society, or simply because they need the linguistic skills and intercultural abilities of this sort of employee. But,… Read More