Why did I do that? Unexpected reasons for taking decisions – and what to do about them

  Some studies estimate that we take 200 decisions a day … just related to food. That’s so many decisions that we can’t possibly put reasoned thought into every one of them, meaning that we make many choices without full awareness or room for reflection. Why is this relevant to the workplace? Because decision-making is a fundamental part of an executive’s life, and the impact of those decisions goes far beyond wondering why we had a second serving of potatoes at dinner…. Read More

Creative Solutions Where Everyone Wins

Do you know the story of the 17 camels? A man left his three sons 17 camels when he died. The eldest son received half of the camels, the middle son got one-third of the camels and the youngest son received one-ninth. But what to do? There were 17 camels and they couldn’t be divided. Stumped, eventually the sons sought the advice of the village wise man. The old man thought about it for a moment and then suggested a very creative… Read More

Are Your Decisions Right for Uncertain Times?

Each year, many companies collapse under the weight of bad strategies and unforeseen circumstances. Business decisions are never made under perfect conditions. We never have access to all the relevant information. And it is impossible to weigh each and every risk with complete accuracy. It is possible, however, for managers to make better decisions and mitigate risk, by using tools and insights gleaned from research in the fields of economics, management, and psychology. Below you will find a roundup of highlights from… Read More