How the Media Are Getting Their Groove Back

The challenges are great, but media executives are finding new opportunities to revitalize the industry. Don’t write the media off just yet. Eveyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” That famous quote has been on everyone’s lips over the past year, as media organizations work harder than ever to separate fact from “fake news.” It was repeated by Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, when he visited IESE’s New York campus to discuss the… Read More

Negotiating in a Global World

Asking for a raise, bidding for a promotion, debating a curfew with your unrelenting teenager…. These scenes don’t exactly conjure up pleasant, heartwarming images, do they? Negotiating is an anxiety-inducing endeavor for many, who fear coming across as overly assertive, insensitive or confrontational – or, even worse, losing control of the situation. If we reframe our perspective, however, we realize that negotiating is far broader than a zero-sum “winner-take-all” game. Truth be told, we negotiate all the time, more often than not… Read More

Mastering the Language of Finance and Accounting

Catherine’s eyes lit up when she saw her boss’s phone number flash across her screen: she would soon be basking in much-deserved praise. A sales director at a mid-sized manufacturing firm, she was feeling pretty good about herself. The sales plan was exceeding initial targets and this quarter’s performance was through the roof! Rather than admiration, her boss expressed alarm: “Listen, I’m kind of concerned. I know sales are up but you’re generating a cash-flow problem. Accounts payable are 60 days, so… Read More

Learn More at Work. Your Career Depends on It

  In an age of smart technology, does professional development even matter? As it turns out, it matters now more than ever, both for individual employees and for companies. And yet often times corporate education disappoints. IESE’s new #aWaytoLearn Expert Series of webinars is looking at corporate education, and already providing insightful lessons on how to expand what you learn at work. 1. Lifelong learning matters. It may seem obvious, but ongoing development will be more and more crucial to your career… Read More