Hiring stars without misfiring

The European football transfer market set a new spending record last year: teams from the big five European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy) invested, in a single summer, more than €3.5 billion in search of their star, €1.0 billion more than just two years earlier. And all indications are that in a few short years this figure will seem small. The world of football reflects like few others the escalation in the “war for talent,” a term coined more than… Read More

Building and Leveraging Networks

In many corporate scenarios, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate into business growth. Take a quick glance at the latest headlines and you’ll find shaky M&As, corporate collapses and organizations falling short of the mark because they undervalued the core driver of business performance: their people. Truth be told, much of the work in global firms gets done on the sidelines of organizational charts, through informal connections that cut across functions, divisions and regions. These highly adaptive informal networks solidify… Read More

The Search for Talent: Are You Sure You Know Who You’re Looking For?

In the olden days – think 10 years ago! – the search for talent was a straightforward affair. Not anymore! In the wake of the economic recovery and demographic shifts, companies in many global markets have gone from posting ads and passively waiting for résumés to struggling to fill job vacancies. The competition to attract and retain talent is especially steep in sectors like IT, engineering and health care, sometimes leading to a backlog of open positions. The talent-deficit challenge is especially… Read More

A Dozen Trends for 2019

What to expect from 2019? From plateauing global growth to catering to increasingly picky consumers, there’s lots on the economic and business horizons to watch out for. Here, our professors choose a dozen of the key trends that may impact your business in the coming year. Slowing global growth While the world’s economies are still in expansion, there are more and more signs that growth may slow down. “Growth in 2019 will remain strong, but it seems to have plateaued. We have… Read More

The Essential Dynamics of Stellar Teams

by Anneloes Raes Throughout the ages, business leaders, coaches, authors and athletes have stressed the importance of teamwork to achieve something greater than individual triumph. Andrew Carnegie expressed it this way: “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Or as management expert Ken Blanchard said more succinctly, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”… Read More

Managing People in an Age of Hyperconnectivity

We’re almost all hyperconnected. Our mobile devices allow us to check email, send messages, surf the internet, and monitor social media 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This impacts not only our personal lives but our professional lives as well — and presents executives with new management challenges. How does connectivity affect people management within organizations? We have a few clues from University of Navarra Professor José Luis Orihuela and others. Against ignorance, more training It’s easier to criticize connectivity than dare… Read More

A Roadmap to Getting Things Done

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray,” penned the poet Robert Burns in 1765. His poem “To a Mouse” laments the sad state of affairs of a field mouse whose winter nest has just been plundered by a plow, yet it also offers lessons for global executives who lead corporate strategy. Legions of management annals, research studies and academic articles have been written over the years on strategic leadership and its essentials for success, many of which overstate strategy… Read More

Mastering the Matrix

“When implemented well, the ‘matrix organization’ does offer much of the best of both worlds. And all of us are going to have to learn how to utilize organization to prepare managers to increasingly deal with high levels of complexity and ambiguity in situations where they have to get results from people and components not under their direct control…” These lines seem perfectly timely in today’s environment of volatility, uncertainty and flux, yet they actually appeared in General Electric’s Organization Planning Bulletin – back in… Read More

5 Tips For You and Your Team To Be More Creative At Work

Don’t you wish you could be more creative at work? Only one in four employees feels that they are fulfilling their own creative potential – even though most everyone agrees that creativity is more important than ever in today’s fast-changing, competitive workplace. Creativity leads to innovation, which is both a competitive advantage for companies and a driver of economic prosperity. How can you close that gap between potential and reality? And how can you make sure that the people around you are… Read More

Positive Leadership: Playing on People’s Strengths

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report for 2017, 67 percent of employees are “not engaged,” which means they are satisfied but operating at bare minimums. Another 18 percent are “actively disengaged” — miserable and more than happy to share their malaise with anyone within earshot. A quick calculation leads to a depressing deduction: a paltry 15 percent of employees enthusiastically dedicate their talents and energy to advancing corporate initiatives. Against this dismal backdrop, what can global leaders do to… Read More