The 4 Vital Skills of Successful Sales Directors

Sales directors are responsible for designing, managing and motivating their sales teams. Emotional leadership is crucial component of salesforce motivation. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” observed Albert Einstein. Without a doubt, today’s fast-paced volatile markets are putting global sales managers to the test. Under endless pressure to hit their sales targets, they must also be adept at adapting to disruptive innovations and ever-changing customer demands. Successful sales directors understand the importance of staying open and optimistic in the… Read More

The Power of Purpose-Driven Brands

Before the arrival of the internet, millennials and Simon Sinek urging us to “start with the why”, marketing strategists were more concerned with communicating an offering’s features (What does your product or service do? What need does it fulfill?) and its positioning (How is it different/better than the competition?) than the corporate values that support it. Since then, millennials came of age and began questioning traditional profit-based business models. More socially aware than previous generations, they want their work to drive positive… Read More

A Dozen Trends for 2019

What to expect from 2019? From plateauing global growth to catering to increasingly picky consumers, there’s lots on the economic and business horizons to watch out for. Here, our professors choose a dozen of the key trends that may impact your business in the coming year. Slowing global growth While the world’s economies are still in expansion, there are more and more signs that growth may slow down. “Growth in 2019 will remain strong, but it seems to have plateaued. We have… Read More

A Roadmap to Supercharging Your Sales Force

An optimized sales network is crucial to a company’s long-term success. On the front lines of the marketplace, sales teams are charged with maximizing profit while delivering the best possible value to customers. Firms rely squarely on them to generate revenue, yet how often do they analyze whether they’re operating at full potential? Not often enough, according to Prof. Julián Villanueva, head of IESE’s Department of Marketing. “Companies will spend countless hours poring over financial statements, but few dedicate the same amount… Read More

Crafting a Strategic Marketing Plan

When done right, marketing plans serve as a strategic guide to a company, complete with facts, figures and objectives to help attract, engage and retain customers. Boiled down to their essence, they define the company, what it’s offering, who it’s targeting and what its core strategies are to generate sales. But crafting an effective marketing plan is complex, involving the following phases: Marketing plan preliminaries Marketers need to do some homework before designing a marketing plan. To get “the lay of the… Read More