Are You Ready for Online Negotiations?

Negotiations can take many forms: they can be face-to-face or in a team or multilateral, and in some, multicultural factors play a large role. But in an increasingly interconnected and global world, negotiations marked by physical distance and the use of new communication technologies are more and more common. Without doubt, the means through which we interact affects the quality and the outcome of negotiations. The further apart we are physically, the harder it is to build a fluid relationship based on… Read More

Global Negotiations: Avoiding Cultural Blind Spots

Whether it’s to mediate conflict, achieve a consensus or gain alignment among team members, business leaders are continually negotiating. And as markets become increasingly globalized, they sometimes encounter an added layer of complexity: negotiating across cultures. “Culture entails more than language, traditions, values and norms: it’s also about how we process and prioritize information. Whether we recognize them or not, we all have cultural blind spots that can undermine our ability to effectively negotiate,” says Prof. Kandarp Mehta of IESE’s Entrepreneurship Department… Read More

Bridging Cultural Divides at the Negotiating Table

Despite painstaking preparations and the best intentions to reach win-win results, negotiations sometimes derail. Build rapport, practice active listening and explore options instead of immediately making offers, advise the experts. This is hard enough as it is, so what happens when cultural differences are added into the mix? “When we negotiate with people from other cultures, we sometimes make assumptions on their intentions and aspirations that may or may not be true,” says Prof. Kandarp Mehta of IESE’s Entrepreneurship Department and Negotiation… Read More

Negotiating in a Global World

Asking for a raise, bidding for a promotion, debating a curfew with your unrelenting teenager…. These scenes don’t exactly conjure up pleasant, heartwarming images, do they? Negotiating is an anxiety-inducing endeavor for many, who fear coming across as overly assertive, insensitive or confrontational – or, even worse, losing control of the situation. If we reframe our perspective, however, we realize that negotiating is far broader than a zero-sum “winner-take-all” game. Truth be told, we negotiate all the time, more often than not… Read More