Why Now’s the Time to Invest in AI

Amid all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, it might seem like a good time to shelve plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into your business model. But that would likely be a mistake. In many ways, now’s the best time to begin understanding the potential of AI in your company and to start investing – even if it’s in relatively modest amounts. Professor Sampsa Samila coordinates research and teaching at IESE on AI and the future of management. In… Read More

Preparing Your People Division for an AI World

No one doubts that artificial intelligence (AI) is proving ever-more reliable at predicting what groceries you’re likely to buy, which movie you’d enjoy watching and how you’d normally answer an email. Few doubt that it has enormous potential in areas such as diagnosing illness and powering self-driving vehicles. But in managing people? For a human resources manager, much of the appeal of AI lies in the promise that algorithms can help eliminate human error and bias, helping us to make more rational,… Read More