You’re Back at Work. Now What?

The COVID-19 pandemic is entering a new phase with the easing of lockdowns and the gradual return to work. But just as most of us as individuals are discovering that the world feels very different when we venture outside, companies are seeing that restarting their activities also means rethinking their businesses. That can be bewildering, but professor Joan Fontrodona and Philip Muller offer these five steps for businesses to take on their return: Reach out to your stakeholders. Start with your employees,… Read More

Risky Business: Communicating in Turbulent Times

Remember when communicating in high-risk situations seemed like something that companies operating in political hotspots required? Or formed part of contingency plans that you never fully expected to implement? 2020 has changed all that. With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, communicating in risk situations has become the function of companies and business leaders around the world. Yago de la Cierva, a professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE, is an expert in communications, especially in crisis situations. He has advice… Read More