Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Company?

Is your company designed like a car with a large dashboard and small windows? Many companies are: focused on internal operations and efficiency, their views of the outside world are limited. But while that may have worked very well in the past, it likely won’t be enough in the future. “We have organizations that are like cars. They have huge dashboards but they have very tiny windows,” says professor Antonio Dávila. “Why is that? It’s because for the last 100 years, the… Read More

Integrating Design Thinking: 6 Key Factors

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein While the world’s most famous physicist wasn’t an expert in design thinking, he certainly made a good case for it! More than a process, design thinking is an approach that helps organizations address complex, human-centered problems and better serve their end-users by challenging prevailing assumptions, identifying novel concepts and delivering superior solutions. To this end, design thinking leverages a robust set of… Read More

Innovate Like an Entrepreneur, Even if You Aren’t One

  If you work at a startup, innovation is part of your day-to-day. But if you’re at a more established company, particularly a larger one, the pace of change is likely slower. But that shouldn’t stop you from innovating and, in fact, the survival of your company may depend on it. Disruptive examples abound, but take hospitality company Hilton. Founded 100 years ago, it has hotels and other properties with around 850,000 rooms across the globe and a market capitalization of about… Read More