The Vote is Cast: The Effect of Corporate Governance on Shareholder Value
V Cuñat, M Giné, M Guadalupe
Journal of Finance 67(5), 2012

The Brattle Group Prize in Corporate Finance
Best Paper Award, Financial Management Association
Runner-up Prize, Istanbul Stock Exchange Competition

Say Pays! Shareholder Voice and Firm Performance
V Cuñat, M Giné, M Guadalupe
Review of Finance 20(5), 2015

Executive Gender Pay Gaps: The Roles of Female Risk Aversion and Board Representation
ME Carter, F Franco, M Giné
Contemporary Accounting Review 34(2), 2017

Media coverage: CNNBBC interview  (min 19.00)

Governance Mechanisms and Effective Activism: Evidence from Shareholder Proposals on Poison Pills
M Giné, R Moussawi, J Sedunov
Journal of Empirical Finance 43, 2017

Corporate Governance and Value: Evidence from “Close Calls” on Shareholder Governance Proposals
V Cuñat, M Giné, M Guadalupe
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 25(1), 2013

Public Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises: Evidence from the Spanish Banking Industry
T Ysa, M Giné, M Esteve, V Sierra
Public Money and Management 32(4), 2012


Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover Effects of Anti-Takeover Provisions
V Cuñat, M Giné, M Guadalupe
R&R Journal of Finance

Common Ownership, Competition and Top Management Incentives
M Antón, F Ederer, M Giné, M Schmalz
Under review

Media coverage: Pro_Market, Equitable Growth, BloombergView, Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog, The Economist, Harvard Business Review

Innovation: the Bright Side of Common Ownership
M Antón, F Ederer, M Giné, M Schmalz

Acquisitions, Common Ownership, and the Cournot Merger Paradox
M Antón, J Azar, M Giné, L Lin

Common Ownership Around the World
M Antón, M Giné

Banking Networks and Supply-chain Relationships
M Antón, C Eufinger, M Giné