Doing Business Abroad

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The global competitive landscape is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. As companies expand the geographic scope of their operations, with many becoming genuine global operators, the natural response is to broaden one’s horizons and extend one’s vision to identify new opportunities for growth and development. But choosing the right overseas work destination is no easy task.

Working abroad is not without its risks, challenges and pitfalls, and the best way to minimize those is to take plenty of time and care over your final decision. Exploring the wealth of resources available at the IESE Library may help point you in the right direction.

  • Country Profiles

Business Source Complete
Includes reports published by Business Monitor International, Country Watch, MarketLine, iHS Global, PRS Group –Political Risk Yearbook.

Country Analysis for Emerging markets. Select “Country Analysis” tab.

Marketline analyzes the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental (PESTLE) structure of many of the world’s most popular destinations. The PESTLE country analysis report series provides in-depth analysis of 50 major countries. Limit your search by “Countries.”

OECD iLibrary
A gateway to OECD’s analysis and data, the iLibrary contains economic surveys of countries and their economic outlook.

Choose “Economies”. Find information on the Business environment; Cities; Economy, Finance and Trade; Industry; Infrastructure and Environment.

Thomson One
Includes EIU’s “Country Reports Top 50” and Oxford Economics Research’s “Country Economic Forecasts”.
Go to Screening & Analysis> Research> Research search and limit by Report type: Investing/Economic.  This resource only works on Internet Explorer.

  • Commercial Guides

Doing Business
The World Bank provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies and selected cities at the subnational level.

Deloitte Tax Guides and Country Highlights
Tax guides and highlights.

Spanish Institute of Export Trade guides.

Baker Tilly International
Find Doing Business Country Guides, Country Tax Guides, Transfer Pricing Country Guides and Indirect Tax Country Guides.

Competitive Alternatives. KPMG
Guide to International Business Location Costs.

  • Country Rankings

World Competitiveness Yearbook – Access: IESE Campus (use IESE username & password)
IMD annual report on the competitiveness of nations (2014 edition).

Emerging markets cross countries comparison.

Global Competitiveness Report
WEF annual report on competitiveness of nations.

Legatum Prosperity Index
Ranking of 142 countries by prosperity as a combination of wealth and wellbeing.

  • Cities

IESE Cities in Motion Index
This in-house index examines all aspects that contribute to sustainability and quality of life in cities.

Select Economies > Cities
Includes Euromonitor’s city reports, city analysis, datagraphics and more.

  • Working Abroad

Expat Explorer Survey
HBSC global expat surveys.

Expat Insider
The biggest expat survey worldwide.

  • MBA International Electives: Shanghai & Nairobi

Shanghai – City Profile

Shanghai City Review
Passport. Type “Shanghai City Review” in the search box.

Nairobi City Review
Passport. Type “Nairobi City Review” in the search box.