Passport Macroeconomic Tools

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Passport has recently launched two macroeconomic tools: Economic Barometer and Passport Connector. You can find these new tools in Economics> Economy, Finance and Trade tab.

Economic Barometer provides a new way to explore and make the most of regularly updated monthly and quarterly macroeconomic data in a single, easy-to-use location. Use Economic Barometer to regularly track the latest global economic trends in a very convenient and time-saving way. In this concentrated tool you can find the latest monthly and quarterly data for 81 countries and 32 indicators.

Passport Connector quite literally helps clients to ‘connect the dots’ between two Passport systems. The tool uses scatter plots to identify and show relationships between two data sets. It can identify product complements (e.g. beer and potato crisps), substitutes (frozen pizza vs. consumer foodservice) and other potential socio-economic relationships (divorce rates and cat food sales!).