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Blockchain has already started to revolutionize ways of doing business. Many policy makers and business leaders see it as a means of bringing greater trust and transparency to digital environments. Gartner has estimated that blockchain could generate as much as $3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030, half of it by 2025 with applications designed for operational improvement.

The potential of blockchain to engender wide-ranging changes in the economy, industry and society is currently being explored across sectors and by a variety of organizations. Companies in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, energy, food or logistics are engaging in a wave of blockchain experiments. Startups are also developing solutions.

Besides improving operational efficiency, blockchain solutions will allow us to redesign business relationships, monetarize illiquid assets, and redistribute existing data and value flows in ways that can transform how businesses operate and engage in a digital world.

In this edition of the Library Newsletter the IESE Library provides a selection of resources to help you better explore the benefits and risks of blockchain.

1. Literature on Blockchain

Discovery. Articles & Books about Blockchain.

IESE Insight . Articles & Books on Blockchain.

Business Source Ultimate. Articles on Blockchain for business.

2. News on Blockchain


Go to the Library section select News and then News Articles.

3. Statistics

Statista. Blockchain Dossier. Statistics & Facts

Statista. In-depth Report: FinTech 2021

4. Reports on Blockchain

• Technology & Business

(You must keep Gartner database open to download the full Gartner reports).
Some examples:

Gartner Hype Cycle for Blockchain, 2021
Predicts 2022: Prepare for Blockchain-Based Digital Disruption
Common Mistakes to Avoid in Enterprise Blockchain Projects
Top Five Reasons CIOs Should Care About Blockchain
Assessing the Optimal Blockchain Technology for Your Use Case
The Future of Blockchain: 8 Scalability Hurdles to Enterprise Adoption
Promising and Ambitious Blockchain Initiatives for Higher Education

• Industry & Markets

Global Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency in Africa: Digital currencies have potential to transform finance on the continent
IBM and Heifer International Partnership: Using blockchain to development sustainable supply chains in the global coffee industry
Agricultural Technology: Tackling major challenges and transforming the industry

Search for the following reports:
– Digital Innovators: Blockchain
– Blockchain: Supercharging Peer-To-Peer Payments

– Q3 2021 PitchBook Analyst Note: DeFi Primer
– Q3 2020 Emerging Tech Research: Supply Chain Tech
– Q3 2020 Emerging Tech Research: FinTech
– Q1 2019 Emerging Tech Research: Blockchain

5. Free Reports on Blockchain

Deloitte. Global Blockchain Survey 2021

EU. Blockchain Now and Tomorrow

OECD. Reports on Blockchain

PWC. Establishing Blockchain Policy

WEF. Strategic Intelligence. Blockchain

6. Companies, Rankings & Awards

Enterprise Blockchain Awards

Forbes. Blockchain 50 2021

Use the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Vertical to retrieve the top players in Blockchain.

7. Standards & Policies

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum

EU Blochchain Strategy

OECD Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Global Blockchain Policy Centre

WEF. Global Standards Mapping Initiative: An Overview of Blockchain Technical Standards

8. Think Tanks & Associations

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Research Institute. Global Think Tank

European Parlament Think Tank. Blockchain