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World Happiness Report 2018

(CC) World Happiness Report/WHR

This year Finland takes the top spot as the happiest country as measured by surveys undertaken by Gallup International from 2015-2017. Rounding out the rest of the top ten in order of overall happiness are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia. The U.S. ranked 18th. The least happy countries are Burundi, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Spain ranks 36th, according to the findings of the World Happiness Report 2018, dropping down two spots from last year.

You can view the complete report here.

Barómetro del Clima de Negocios en España. Resultados 2017

 (CC) Trade/Freeimages

The 2017 edition of this study jointly published by IESE and ICEX explores the value and importance the business climate in Spain holds for 700 overseas companies with operations in the country. The companies discuss how they believe the business climate will evolve over the next two years.

According to the study, the overall business climate has improved since last year. As a result, the positive trend that began with the end of the recession in 2013-2014 but was briefly interrupted by political events last year continues its upward trajectory.

To access the full report, visit the ICEX website.

New Product: BoardEx on WRDS

(CC) Executives/BoardExThe IESE Library now has access to BoardEx data for the Europe region through Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).

BoardEx is a database on board composition with biographical information on most board members around the world. BoardEx currently contains information on over 20,000 company boards and 900,000+ Individuals – board directors and senior managers.

Years of coverage: 1999-present. The database is updated daily.


• Profiles: 900,000+ (directors, senior management, disclosed earners), companies (listed and private)
• Network Connections: Between individuals via professional connections
• Board Summary: Composition, compensation, committees
• Company Details: Employees, capitalization, revenue, auditors

How to access to BoardEx?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Databases page. You need to obtain your WRDS account.

Our BoardEx academic subscription allows access to the Europe region. The data on WRDS includes all of the available subsets of data for that region. The subsets include Individual Profiles, Individual Networks, Company Networks, Compensation, Committee Details, Organization Summary, Company Profiles, and Announcements.

Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone by Satya Nadella with Greg Shaw and Jill Tracie Nichols

Hit RefreshOverview:

The New York Times bestseller Hit Refresh is about individual change, about the transformation happening inside of Microsoft and the technology that will soon impact all of our lives—the arrival of the most exciting and disruptive wave of technology humankind has experienced: artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and quantum computing. It’s about how people, organizations, and societies can and must transform and “hit refresh” in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, and continued relevance and renewal.

Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, tracing his own personal journey from a childhood in India to leading some of the most significant technological changes in the digital era. Satya Nadella explores a fascinating childhood before immigrating to the U.S. and how he learned to lead along the way. He then shares his meditations as a sitting CEO—one who is mostly unknown following the brainy Bill Gates and energetic Steve Ballmer. He tells the inside story of how a company rediscovered its soul—transforming everything from culture to their fiercely competitive landscape and industry partnerships. As much a humanist as engineer and executive, Nadella concludes with his vision for the coming wave of technology and by exploring the potential impact to society and delivering call to action for world leaders.

“Ideas excite me,” Nadella explains. “Empathy grounds and centers me.” Hit Refresh is a set of reflections, meditations, and recommendations presented as algorithms from a principled, deliberative leader searching for improvement—for himself, for a storied company, and for society. Provided by publisher.

You can find this title at IESE’s Library catalog.

Global Digital Future in Focus 2018

(CC) Global Digital Future in Focus 2018/comScoreThe 2018 Global Digital Future in Focus provides a snapshot of desktop, smartphone and tablet usage around the globe, examining how audiences and content consumption changed over the course of 2017.

The report uses multi-platform data from USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Malaysia to demonstrate global commonalities and local nuances.

Key topics covered in this report include:

• Mobile (and apps’) share of overall digital time and audiences in international markets,  including how ‘mobile only’ usage has evolved
• The platform choices and demographic balances of individual content categories, including an update on where ‘mobile first’ behaviours are most pronounced
• Where consolidation of digital is occurring, and why that is not necessarily cause for alarm for the mid- and long-tail
• The international app landscape, and where growth is occurring
• A spotlight on multi-platform video consumption

Download the report here.

Training session: Thomson Reuters Eikon

(CC) EiKon/Thomson ReutersThe Library will be holding a special training session about Thomson Reuters Eikon database next Wednesday, March 14, at 13:00 in G-201 (Barcelona South campus).

The objective of this training session is to give you a basic understanding of Thomson Reuters Eikon. Thomson Reuters representative Juan Rodríguez will introduce Eikon capabilities and functions.

The session will last approximately an hour and will include a Q&A session (ask anything!).

About the database:
Thomson Reuters Eikon is a financial information service, including market data, news, analytics and trading tools. Also country and economic data.

How to access to Thomson Reuters Eikon?
Library PC only. Ask staff for password.

Please, confirm your attendance by email to or by phoning the Library desk directly (ext. 504423).

Global Insurance Market Trends 2017

(CC) Insurance/FreeimagesThe insurance industry is a major component of the economy by virtue of the amount of premiums it collects, the scale of its investment and, more fundamentally, the essential social and economic role it plays by covering personal and business risks.

This annual report monitors global insurance market trends to support a better understanding of the insurance industry’s overall performance and health.

The report is available from the OECD website.

The Global Women, Peace and Security Index 2017

(CC) UN Women/FlickrThe global Women, Peace and Security Index was launched by The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO). It measures women’s well-being by assessing various factors such as inclusion, justice and security in 153 countries.

The Index reflects a shared vision that countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women are accorded full and equal rights and opportunity.

Iceland comes first, followed by Norway and Switzerland in the first edition of the WPS Index, which covers more than 98% of the world’s population, while war-torn Afghanistan and Syria are tied for last place.

Of these 153 States, Spain is in fifth position, with a note of 0.860, being the second best member state of the European Union in the classification, behind Slovenia, with a note of 0.861.

The report reveals that the best 12 countries in the ranking, including Spain, share certain common features. They are generally peaceful and stable societies, with high scores on the inclusion of women, especially with regard to women’s education, financial inclusion and access to digital technologies.

Worldwide, the WPS Index highlights the striking correlation between insecurity in the home, which is measured by high rates of intimate partner violence, and a lack of safety in the broader community. The findings also show that while money matters, many countries do far better on the WPS Index—or far worse—than their per capita income rank. Saudi Arabia drops 89 places on the WPS Index relative to its income ranking and Iran drops 57 places.

The index results reveal the potential for improvements, as well as more generalized deficits that require attention.

Download the “The global Women, Peace and Security Index ” report here.

XIII Informe Juntas Generales de Accionistas 2017 – Empresas del Ibex-35

(CC) Shareholder/FreeimagesA new study produced by IESE and Atrevia analyzes the level of compliance with good governance in Spain and the relationship between small retail shareholders and the companies listed on the benchmark index, the Ibex 35.

One of the findings highlighted by the study was that over the course of 2017 the total number of board directors slipped from 460 to 451 – a 2% decrease!

To access the full report, visit IESE Insight website.

Gender equality in the EU’s digital and media sectors

 (CC) European Parliament/FlickrAhead of the international women’s day, check out the latest briefing by the European Parliament’s Research Service: “Gender equality in the EU’s digital and media sectors”.

For this year’s International Women’s Day the European Parliament is stressing the importance of the role women play in media and ICT. The media and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors are among the most competitive and influential industries in the EU and further afield. It is therefore very important that women are as equally represented as men in these sectors.

Analysis of the risks and benefits finds that new information and communication technologies can be a gateway for women and girls to access new opportunities, means of expression and participation, and a powerful tool for advancing gender equality.

Download the “Gender equality in the EU’s digital and media sectors” briefing here.