Spain’s 100 Most Reputable Companies

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(CC) -andor-/Flickr

(CC) -andor-/Flickr

The Spanish Monitor of Corporate Reputation (MERCO) has compiled a survey of the 100 most reputable companies in Spain.

Clothing company Inditex was top choice, for the second year running, among the companies surveyed, followed by Telefonica in second place and El Corte Inglés in third.

In the stakeholder survey of the top 100:

  1. 1.  Telefónica was seen as the best company among financial analysts.
  2. Danone was top choice among consumers. 
  3. ONCE was considered the most ethical and accountable.
  4. Iberdrola took top spot for highest quality product / service.
  5. El Corte Inglés was top choice among the general population.
  6. La Caixa was considered the best company to work for.

The full list is available on the MERCO website.