Glow: How You Radiate Energy, Innovation, and Success by Lynda Gratton (ISBN: 9780273723875)

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(CC) por Astrid Photography/Flickr

(CC) por Astrid Photography/Flickr


Stay Ahead of the Curve, Learn to “Glow”!

You can identify them at first sight: teammates, colleagues or bosses who just radiate enthusiasm, positive energy, and inspiration. Even in difficult circumstances they glow with an attitude that inspires others, fosters a great working experience for everyone, and creates empowering relationships. Now Lynda Gratton can help make sure you’re one of them.

Drawing on years of original research, Gratton identifies three principles that people who glow live by, and three actions for putting each principle into practice. Lynda Gratton is one of the world’s leading experts on how pockets of energy and innovation are created in organizations. Now she zeroes in on how you can become a source of energy and innovation yourself.

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