China national human development report 2009/10

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(CC) slimmer_jimmer/Flickr

(CC) slimmer_jimmer/Flickr

The UN Development Program (UNDP), in partnership with Renmin University of China, has launched the report, “China and a Sustainable Future, Towards a Low Carbon Economy and Society”.

The study breaks new ground in linking economic growth, carbon emissions and human development in China. It offers policy options for a country that will see the migration of nearly 350 million rural Chinese into urban areas over the next two decades.

The publication argues that China faces “no other choice” but to shift to a low carbon pathway when defining future social and economic development agendas.

The authors assert that the low carbon model may bring temporary risks such as job losses, higher prices and fiscal revenue shortfalls. Advantages, meanwhile, might include long- lasting green job opportunities, greater competitiveness in new technology, technological innovation, improved standing in the world, reduced harm to human health and the protection of vital ecosystems.

Read the report’s full text online.