The Global Enabling Trade Report 2010

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(CC) World Economic Forum/Flickr

(CC) World Economic Forum/Flickr

The World Economic Forum has just released “The Global Enabling Trade Report 2010,” at a time when trade volumes are beginning to recover from the deepest post-war slump. The latest edition of the study covers 125 economies worldwide and provides unique data on many qualitative institutional and business environment issues as well as some indicators related to international trade.

The East Asian economies Singapore and Hong Kong continue to occupy the top two positions in the ranking, followed by Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. Meanwhile, Spain dropped five places to 32nd. Among the large economies, Germany is the best performer at 13th, ahead of the United States, which dropped three places to 19th. China (48th) and Brazil (87th) saw little movement in their positions.

The full-text is available on the web.