2012 Consumer Markets Scoreboard

Stock.xchngThe European Commission has just launched the 2012 Consumer Markets Scoreboard.

According to the study, EU consumers have once again expressed their dissatisfaction with the performance of some key services markets. Banking, telecom and energy services score particularly low. Markets for investment products, mortgages and real estate services stay at rock bottom for the third year in a row. Goods markets appear to do better in living up to customers’ expectations, in spite of poor results scored by the automotive, clothing and meat markets.

The Scoreboard is an annual report that ranks the performance of 51 consumer markets based on consumers’ trust in business, comparability of offers, overall satisfaction and the incidence of complaints and problems. Consumer choice, switching of tariffs/providers and price differences between countries are also monitored.

This edition includes, for the first time, complaints data collected according to the harmonized methodology set out in the 2010 Commission Recommendation.

Access to full Scoreboard here.