After restructuring. ERM Report 2012.

(CC) EurofoundEurofound launches its 2012 Report from the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM): “After restructuring: labour markets, working conditions and life satisfaction”.

The new EU-wide restructuring report reveals wide variations in consequences across country, sector and employees.

High levels of restructuring activities across the European Union have resulted in five million fewer jobs in 2012 compared to 2008, according to the 2012 report from the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM). With just over a third (37%) of EU27 employees reporting that restructuring occurred at their workplace in the previous three years, the report also looks at the consequences of restructuring for the individual employee. The report, which is a unique source of EU-wide information on reported restructuring developments, is launched at the European Parliament today, aimed at contributing to discussions on the future of the European Globalisation Fund.

Download the report here.