Global Financial Stability Report, October 2012

(CC) Mike Licht, IMF has just published chapters 3 and 4 of the October 2012 Global Financial Stability Report, titled “Restoring Confidence and Progressing on Reforms”.

Chapter 3, “The Reform Agenda: An Interim Report on Progress Toward a Safer Financial System,” examines whether the regulatory reforms designed to make the financial system safer are moving the system in the correct direction, using a benchmark set of features that include financial institutions and markets that are more transparent, less complex, and less leveraged. The analysis suggests that progress has been limited so far, in part because many of the reforms are still in the early stages of implementation.

Chapter 4, “Changing Global Financial Structures: Can They Improve Economic Outcomes?,” evaluates how aspects of current changes to financial structure, including those elicited from regulatory reforms, may be associated with economic outcomes. Both chapters stress that the success of measures to produce a safer financial system depend on effective implementation of reforms and strong supervision

Access Chapter 3 here.

Access Chapter 4 here.