Manpower Advises Companies to Adjust their Contingent and Permanent Workforce

Stock.xchngManpower Group has presented a new paper at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, titled “Increasing Demand for Better Skills Assessment and Match for Better Results.”

The study advises companies how to navigate the “Human Age” through the company’s annual analysis of the macro-economic forces evolving the world of work.

Manpower defines companies in the “Human Age” as lean organizations with tight margins. As growth continues in emerging markets and softens in much of the developed world, businesses are demanding new and increasingly specific skills and capabilities from their workers to take advantage of every opportunity and do more with less.

Companies are looking to hire “just-in-time” with fast time-to-value, depending on the economic climate and their ability to predict fluctuating demand. However, converging macro-economic forces and demographic shifts mean that skilled individuals are in short supply while under-qualified workers remain abundant.

Access the report here.