2013 Best Global Green Brand

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Toyota logoInterbrand jointly with Deloitte has published the “2013 Best Green Global Brands” ranking. The study measures the environmental perception of 100 global brands and compares it to those companies’ actual environmental performance.

This year’s ranking shows Toyota maintaining the No. 1 spot, with Ford, Honda, Panasonic, Nissan, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, Danone, Nokia and Dell rounding out the top 10. Santander and Zara occupied the 46th and 48th positions, respectively.

The gap in question is the difference between the companies’ perception and performance scores.

The perception survey is conducted by Interbrand, interviewing more than 10,000 consumers in total. For each brand, more than 100 people aware of that brand in each country are asked to assess it in terms of six “pillars”: authenticity, relevance, consistency, presence, differentiation and their understanding of environmental claims.

The performance-side assessments are conducted by Deloitte, which also has six pillars: governance, stakeholder engagement, operations, supply chain, transportation and logistics, and products and services.

Access the full ranking here.