Education to Employment: Getting Europe’s Youth into Work

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3 friends 4McKinsey has just published the report “Education to employment: Getting Europe’s youth into work.”

The report focuses on four broad questions:
1. Is the scale of the youth-unemployment problem in Europe a result of lack of jobs, lack of skills, or lack of coordination?
2. What are the obstacles that youth face on their journey from education to employment?
3. Which groups of youth and employers in Europe are struggling the most?
4. What can be done to address the problem?

To answer these questions, McKinsey surveyed 5,300 youth, 2,600 employers, and 700 postsecondary-education providers across 8 countries that together are home to almost 73 percent of Europe’s 5.6 million jobless youth: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. It also examined more than 100 programs in 25 countries to provide examples of companies, governments, education providers, and nongovernmental organizations that may be relevant to Europe.

The research conclusions are the following:
1. While there are more people looking for work, employers in Europe cannot find the skills they need.
2. Youth face three significant hurdles: enrolling in postsecondary education, building the right skills, and finding a suitable job.
3. The E2E structure is failing for young people and for small businesses.
4. There are proven ways to improve the E2E journey.

Download the full report here.