Indicador de Dinamismo Laboral Meta4 IDL, 2015

Free.imagesThe ‘Meta4 IDL’ tracks the evolution of employment in Spain on a twice yearly basis, through the analysis of movements in and out of job positions across almost 800 companies. These movements do not imply any change in the total volume of workers, but rather changes in their roles and positions.

The latest report portrays a dynamic employment landscape in which 18.8 percent of existing job contracts experienced some kind of modification in the last six months of 2014, meaning that almost one in five workers moved job position during that period.

The total volume of contractual changes represented a one percentage-point increase on the results of the previous survey (January – June, 2014), confirming that the general long-trend of increasing labor mobility in Spain, which began in early 2013, continues unchecked.

To access the full report, visit the IESE Insight website.