Industrial R&D Continued to Grow Substantially in 2017

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(CC) YanniKouts/FlickrThe Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has recently launched the following Policy brief: “Industrial R&D continued to grow substantially in 2017” by Petros Gkotsis, Hector Hernández and Antonio Vezzani.

In this Issue:

• R&D funded by the business sector increased in the EU by 5.6%, below the 6.1% global rate and the US R&D growth (7.2%).

• The worldwide growth of industrial R&D in 2017 is slightly higher than that recorded in 2016. This growth is largely driven by ICT and health industries.

• As in previous years, the industrial R&D growth in the EU is led by Germany, with France showing a stronger R&D increase compared to the previous year.

• In the EU, R&D inflows and outflows for Health industries were nearly equivalent in 2017 (€9.6bn versus €9.4bn) and showed a significant positive trend with respect to 2016.

Read the full paper here.