Building Value with Blockchain Technology

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(CC) Jeff Golenski/FreeimagesThe World Economic Forum has recently published the “Building Value with Blockchain Technology: How to Evaluate Blockchain’s Benefits” paper.

This practical framework helps organizations identify the value of blockchain technology and build a corresponding business case. Co-designed with Accenture, the Blockchain Value Framework is the second in a series of white papers for organizations to better understand that blockchain technology is a tool deployed to achieve a specific purpose, not a goal in itself. This new framework provides organizations with the tools to begin measuring blockchain’s value, including key questions to consider. It is the first visual roadmap of its kind and is based on a global survey of 550 individuals across 13 industries including automotive, banking and retail, public-sector leaders, CEOs and an analysis of 79 blockchain projects.

Read the full WEF paper here.

More info about the first paper.