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Eurozone could emerge from crisis in 2013

Standard & Poor’s has just published the report titled, “The Eurozone Debt Crisis: 2013 Could Be A Watershed Year.” According to the study the euro zone could start to overcome its sovereign-debt troubles this year, though implementation risks remain. The ratings company said the euro zone in 2013 could begin to sustainably overcome the market …
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Exploring the eurozone

Accenture has just published the report “Exploring the Eurozone: take cover or take advantage.” According to the survey, half of eurozone-based companies are actively seeking acquisitions within the eurozone in response to the currency and debt crisis. The survey of 450 business leaders in countries in and outside the eurozone also reveals that although 44 …
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EuroZone job crisis: trends and policy responses

The ILO’s International Institute for Labour Studies has just published the report “EuroZone job crisis: trends and policy responses”. According to the study a concerted policy shift towards job creation is needed in order to reverse the heavy unemployment crisis affecting the single-currency area. Unemployment in the Eurozone could reach almost 22 million over the …
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